Wait for the Ricochet recreates the music of DEEP PURPLE with ferocity, reverence, and respect.

With precise attention to detail, one would swear they'd been transported back to 70s, complete with six octaves of soaring vocals, perfect fills of guitar and organ, and dynamic execution of drums and bass. Wait for the Ricochet's dedication to recreating the sound of Deep Purple employs the use of both vintage and modern equipment to ensure as close a representation as possible of the sounds from Purple's classic albums.

"I think our thirst to truly harness that sound and that energy - to accomplish reverence - is really the most essential part of any tribute." says organist and vocalist Blair Smart. "What casts Wait for the Ricochet apart is respect for the craftsmanship of true tone created by Deep Purple. Utilizing the finest vintage instruments, including a real Hammond C3, and four accomplished vocalists, we are able to capture and recreate the incredible wall of sound that have made Deep Purple's music so massive. Beyond that, all of the members of Ricochet are professional musicians who are all involved in their own original projects, and it's the sheer energy and hunger associated with the creation of that music that helps us convey the music of Deep Purple with such accuracy and passion."

"It's an honor to pay tribute to this music." explains Blair, from her home studio in Huntsville. "And it's an honor we take very, very seriously."




In the lair of the dirty south, a sacred piece of the unholy trinity of British hard rock has flared into existence. Who do we think we are? Close your eyes. Bow your head.

Wait for the ricochet.


24.Apr.2015 - Duling Hall
Jackson, MS
8pm | $10 / $15
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